Brewing Methods



The video above shows the 2nd Method of Brewing Tea using a Sidehandle Teapot and Bowls. We recommend this method after spending time (ideally, at least one month) brewing with leaves directly in a bowl. You can read more about this 1st Method below (leaves in a bowl), and we'll share a video soon. We'll also be sharing videos and instructions on the 3rd Method (Gongfu Tea with a Zisha Pot), 4th Method (Boiled Tea) and 5th Method (Whisked Green Tea) very soon. Until then, we recommend starting with the method described below. 

How to Start a Tea Practice - Bowl Tea - Tea as Invitation into Nature

We invite you to begin with the most simple and direct method for brewing tea:

This method involves large-leaf teas brewed directly in the bowl. It’s the simplest of the methods, and a wonderful place to start a tea practice. As one progresses in the study of tea, it’s important to return to the humble beginning. By cultivating a “beginner’s mind,” we can continue to find new and fresh details in all our activities. 

Step 1: Choose which tea you'd like to drink. There are a few teas which work particularly well for the leaves in the bowl method. These are large leaf teas and we have some in every category of tea.

Morning, Large-Leaf Tea: These teas are the most uplifting. If they're out of stock, please subscribe to our newsletter as we will inform you when they are back in stock. 


Ruby Red

Welcome Fragrance 


Any-time-of-day, Large-Leaf Tea: These teas can be enlivening in the morning, but they can also be restful midday or toward evening.

Forest Path 

Gateway of Spirit 

Moonlight White  

Step 2: Put a few leaves in a  tea bowl.

Step 3: Pour hot water in. Just shy of a rolling boil is ideal.

Step 4: Enjoy. Continue steeping the same leaves many times. Living Teas can be steeped 5-8 times with this method. In order to get more steepings, one needs to use a teapot.