New to Tea

How to Start a Tea Practice

We invite you to begin with the most simple and direct method for brewing tea:

Bowl Tea - Tea as Invitation into Nature 

This method involves large-leaf teas brewed directly in the bowl. It’s the simplest of the methods, and a wonderful place to start a tea practice. As one progresses in the study of tea, it’s important to return to the humble beginning. By cultivating a “beginner’s mind,” we can continue to find new and fresh details in all our activities. 

Step 1: Choose which tea you'd like to drink. There are a few teas which work particularly well for the leaves in the bowl method. These are large leaf teas and we have some in every category of tea.

Morning, Large-Leaf Tea: These teas are the most uplifting.


Ruby Red

Welcome Fragrance 


Any-time-of-day, Large-Leaf Tea: These teas can be enlivening in the morning, but they can also be restful midday or toward evening.

Forest Path 

Gateway of Spirit 

Moonlight White  

Step 2: Put a few leaves in a  tea bowl.

Step 3: Pour hot water in. Just shy of a rolling boil is ideal.

Step 4: Enjoy. Continue steeping the same leaves many times. Living Teas can be steeped 5-8 times with this method. In order to get more steepings, one needs to use a teapot.