Welcome To Living Tea

At Living Tea, we relate to tea as a way of life. We believe that the craft, ritual, art and meditation of tea is a celebration of our relationship to Nature. By studying the way of tea, we learn principles from nature that allow for greater connection to ourselves and the world around us. Each year, we travel throughout Asia to carefully select the finest quality leaves.  Living Teas are seed-grown in their native environments, free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed-killers. Our passion for old-growth and aged tea inspires our continual exploration. The name of each Living Tea speaks to an inherent quality in those particular leaves, whether it be the mountain of origin, terroir, flavor, aroma or impression. Each tea has a story and every cup represents an imaginary voyage. We also source hand-made, unique wares made by tea lovers who understand the intricacies of fine teaware, and that enhance the quality of our rare teas. We hope to share a cup with you in person during this Life of Tea.

Fine Pots & Wares

Autumn Maple - Glazed Sidehandle Teapot - 300ml
Forest Home - Glazed Sidehandle Teapot - 250ml
Zazen - Glazed Interior Sidehandle Teapot - 200ml
Authentic Zisha Teapot - 100 ml.
Authentic Shui Ping Hu Zisha Teapot - 115 ml.
Authentic Bronze Lou Han Zisha Teapot - 115 ml.
Authentic Shi Piao Zisha Teapot - 115 ml.
Authentic Zisha Pillow for the Teapot
Obsidian Pool -  Gongfu Pot Tray
Sitting Swan - Gongfu Pot Tray
Charcoal Brown Sidehandle Pot - 500 ml
Moonlight White Sidehandle Pot - 500ml

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