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What is Tea?

There are a lot of things out there called "tea" – herbs, roots, mushrooms, flowers, you name it. But in fact, most of those are not tea.

Think about it this way:

Tea is a plant...

All tea comes from a group of plants in the Camellia family.

And also a drink made from that plant.

We take leaves from the Camellia plant and steep them in water.

And that's it!

Anything else is not actually tea. The word for different plants steeped in water is "tisane."

Just like you wouldn't put kidney beans in water and call it "coffee," we don't just call any old plant "tea."

What is a "living tea"?

Most commercially-available teas today are produced without respect for the plant or the planet. Laden with chemical pesticides and cramped in tight rows on plantations, these tea trees grow to their (stunted) full size bearing only a fraction of the flavors, health benefits, and vital energy of a happy tea plant.

Living Teas are defined by:

  • seed propagation, rather than grafted clippings
  • room to grow
  • biodiverse environments and growing conditions
  • free of any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers
  • no artificial irrigation
  • healthy relationships and living wages for all involved

This level of intention and respect has been our guiding principle from day one.

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