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Puerh Tea: Puerh tea undergoes a post-fermentation process that changes the flavor, increases the health benefits and is classified into two categories: sheng (raw) and shou (ripe). Sheng puerh is grassy, vegetal, slightly bitter, floral, and energizing. As it ages, sheng puerh becomes sweeter, richer, and darker with a complex flavor profile. Shou puerh has earthy, chocolatey, and vanilla notes with a grounding meditative energy.

Liu Bao Tea: A true black tea that is more similar to fermented puerh tea with woodsy, mossy, and forest floor flavors.

Black/Red Tea: Red tea, known as black tea in the West, is fully-oxidized and more caffeinated with bold, bittersweet flavors.

Oolong Tea: Oolong teas are semi-oxidized with flavor profiles ranging from light & floral to robust & roasted.

Green Tea: Green teas is minimally processed and unoxidized with a fresh, grassy, vegetal, or nutty flavor profile.

White Tea: Known for its minimal processing and high antioxidants, white tea is delicate, elegant, and floral.

Herbal Tea: With specific health benefits, herbal teas or tisanes are made from herbs, botanicals, fruits, flowers, or spices.


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