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"I have been a tea connoisseur for about 20 years now. When I first started, it was very difficult to get high-quality teas in America. With the recent explosion, many new options are available. I have tried several. After having tried Living Tea, I will order from no one else. Their teas, especially the aged varieties, are beyond compare. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Sanjiv Bajaj, Birmingham, Alabama 
"We love our tea from Living Tea. The quality and taste is unparalleled. I feel good ordering your products and know that is sourced with care. I appreciate the descriptions and have learned so much from your website as well. Keep up the good work!"
- Jane Reed
"As a British native, I have spent my entire life drinking tea, and when I discovered Living Tea, I felt a whole new relationship open up with the tea tree, taking me to deeper levels of understanding I hadn't considered before. This tea is of the most exquisite quality; it offers an experience of communion with some of the most sacred tea trees on the planet. Every time I drink it, I feel renewal, vitality, and a calm energy of grace. Consistently bestowing awe in my spirit, each cup of Living Tea is like a divine gift from the Earth."
- Gemma Danielle, Colorado
"Investing in your teas, during a time when we’ve needed to cut back financially, has brought me so much joy and been absolutely worth it.

As a father of two young children, the ability to wake up before the rest of the family and meditate for a half hour over your tea is priceless. Your teas’ taste, healing power, and soul are unmatched. Thank you for the care with which you curate your selections and the love you pour into your company."
- Zach, Greenwich, CT
"Living Tea is my favorite resource in the states for the very best teas. I wholeheartedly recommend any of the teas available from Living Tea; their expertise in tea sourcing is such that my confidence comes easy. I trust Living Tea in finding and offering the highest quality teas, for I know they are true chajins and respected members of a broad global community of tea lovers." --Brea Fisher, Quan Yin Gongfu
"Living Tea’s Liu Bao is like drinking from a natural spring or clear river—so soothing, fresh and restorative. The first time I prepared it, I actually cried while drinking it, moved to tears by an inexplicable blessing of healing in my body, mind and spirit. Incredible tea!"
-Gwynne Warner-Donavon, PortlandOregon
Cinnabar has quickly become my “go to” Sheng puerh. The energy of this tea is amazing and the subtle spiciness of the liquor makes it an absolutely pleasure to drink. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try! 
One of my absolute favorite teas! The complexity of flavors that come with the traditional roast are a delight whether I’m brewing this gong fu style or leaves in a bowl. I even bought some with the intention of aging it, though time will tell whether I can keep myself from drinking it long enough for it to age.
This is such a lovely, calming tea. The sweet flavor and golden liquor are like a warm hug. Definitely a tea I keep on hand to help me weather stressful days and troubling times with more grace."
- Jen Dennis
"For over 6 years I have come to Living Tea because of the great care taken in quality and curation of the collection. I have a fine taste for tea and all too many times I have spent $150-200 on a tea cake that was very different than the sales person described or than what I asked for. Every tea I have discovered at Living Tea has met my expectations. I’ve even learned a bit over the years through trying the smaller packages, which is so much better than buying a whole cake. Thank you!!" -Patricia Eastman

"Gateway of Spirit: This tea has truly changed my life. The sweetness and magical quality of this incredible tea elevates and transports to higher consciousness. Each seeping yields a new chapter. It can be enjoyed for hours. I particularly enjoy sitting with this tea in a group. It brings harmony. I cannot express in words what having access to such high quality tea medicine means to me. Thank you for your service and community."

"I personally love pu-erhs. Bold, rich, and earthy... Or more subtle with old tree or fruity notes. But overall my favorite part is the texture. Tea like this is exactly what Living Tea brings to the table. They have a wide selection of different teas of very high quality. They’re my go to tea distributor."

- J.B.W Poulsbo, WA

"Ancestor is such a beautiful tea. It is sweet and light - ethereal, yet bitter and earthy. It tastes like Spring... and drinking it always soothes me.

It’s also stunning to look at, and I like to drink it simply, as leaves in a bowl so that I can admire their beauty. 

I could (and do!) drink this tea every day - it’s my go to Sheng, and one of my must have teas."

-Laura Beckingham


"We’ve been using Living Tea for our home tea ceremonies for a few years now. 
Still as excited to open up a new package today as we were when we first discovered these treasures. It is so clear that Colin and his team put their heart and soul into sourcing these wonderful plants."


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