Aged Tea

Living Tea seeks out aged teas from all classes or types of tea, but we have a particular penchant for Aged Puerh. And so, while we share the occasional Aged Oolong or Red Tea, this collection focuses primarily on our secret obsession. Aged Puerh tea is a Chinese dark tea produced exclusively in Yunnan province in Southwest China. Chinese dark teas are the only teas that reputedly improve with age by way of a special manufacturing process involving true fermentation.  These unique teas come from a variety of tea bush called Da Ye ("large leaves"), which is peculiar to that region. The official definition of Puerh is: "Tea produced from leaves harvested from the large-leafed Da Ye tea bushes growing in Yunnan province, sun-dried and having undergone a process of fermentation, either natural (sheng) or induced (shou)." Aged Puerh, aside from its unique taste and deep Qi, is known in the West for its extraordinary health benefits.

"I have been a tea connoisseur for about 20 years now. When I first started, it was very difficult to get high-quality teas in America. With the recent explosion, many new options are available. I have tried several. After having tried Living Tea, I will order from no one else. Their teas, especially the aged varieties, are beyond compare. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

- Sanjiv bajaj, Birmingham, Alabama