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Red Tea, Black Tea, or Purple Tea?

Red Tea, Black Tea, or Purple Tea?

Even if they’re not tea lovers, most people here in the States are familiar with black tea. From sweet tea in the south to the Earl Grey and Breakfast Blends...

Puerh Tea: Getting to Know Shou Puerh

Puerh Tea: Getting to Know Shou Puerh

Puerh is a fermented tea made in the Yunnan province in southwest China. The two main types of Puerh are Sheng, which is made using a long and traditional fermentation...

Tea Versus Coffee: Caffeine

Tea Versus Coffee: Caffeine

Anything coffee can do, tea can do better. Let's admit it--coffee can make you crash. Plus, it's a bit addictive. I know, I used to need my cup of joe...

Teapot Surrounded by teacups

10 Qualities of a Fine Tea

Over the years, we have often been asked about our process of sourcing of fine teas and determining the qualities that we are looking for. While flavor and aroma are...

Colin Hudon, Living Tea Founder, examining tea leaves

Chinese Medicine and Red Tea

Red Tea from a TCM Perspective Colin Hudon - Qing Yu Tea people often ponder the infinite, intimate web of relationships woven between terroir and tea. The immeasurable cadence and...

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