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Aged Taiwanese Tie Guan Yin Oolong 2012
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This 12 years aged, Taiwanese Tie Guan Yin satisfies on every level. Processed entirely by hand and re-roasted twice over the years, the expert roasting comes through in a tea that's extraordinarily balanced. Just the right astringency or bite that we like in a Tie Guan Yin, following a roasty, sweet, rich, full-bodied experience. The aroma of creme brulee comes through in the bamboo, cooked sugar, caramel flavors with floral herbaceous undercurrents that linger between steepings. This is a tea for Oolong lovers who enjoy traditional roast, darker Oolongs that aren't too heavy. While rich and flavorful, the tea feels light with an uplifting, steady Qi. Wonderful for Summer and Fall especially. 

Tie guanyin is a rolled oolong made with the Tie Guan Yin cultivar originally from Fujian, China.  It's grown mostly in the area called "Muzha" and thus the name.  Tie Guan Yin Oolong requires a specific processing method in order to bring out the best qualities in this fine tea. "Guanyin" is the Goddess of compassion and "Tie" means metal referring to the mineral rich content of the soil that translates into the tea in (some parts of) it's home territory of Anxi. 

Origin: Muzha, Taiwan


$58.08 Regular price $66.00

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