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Discover the best-kept secret
of Asia: Puerh Tea


Offers a gentle and steady release of energy throughout the day.


Contains probiotics and antioxidants that promote a healthy gut.


High in vitamin C and disease-fighting catechins.


Often regarded as a longevity tea, as it contains high levels of antioxidants.


The combination of caffeine and L-theanine promotes alertness and a calm state of mind.

Experience the Difference

While coffee often leaves you feeling wired and tired, Puerh provides a calm and centered energy that lasts. Plus! Puerh is loaded with probiotics that boost immunity and support healthy metabolism.

Discover Your Favorite

Puerh Discovery Pack (3 Teas)

This collection includes:

  • Riversong - 2020 Organic Palace Grade Shou Puerh (2.5oz)
    Thick, full-bodied tea with a dark chocolate finish

  • Eye of Heaven - 2004 Shou Puerh Mini Tuocha (100g)
    Creamy and rich, with depth of flavor and a bright energy

  • Ever Present - 2015 Sheng Puerh (1oz)
    Flavors of fresh leaves, green grapes, apples, and slight caramel aftertaste.

  • Save 5% on the entire bundle when you add our glass infuser mug, ideal for re-brewing and getting the most value out of your leaves.


Puerh vs. Coffee: Head to Head



Sustained and balanced energy boost without a caffeine crash

Reduced stress due to the amino acid, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Promotes proper digestion and reduces bloating

Supports a healthy gut microbiome with probiotics and antioxidants

Enhances mental clarity and focus due to the combination of caffeine and L-Theanine

Contains high levels of antioxidants with anti-aging effects

Supports liver function due to compounds with hepatoprotective qualities

Tea You Can Trust

Chemical Free

Wild Grown

Expertly Curated

Responsibly Sourced

Informed by Tradition

Inspired by Community

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

  • I've been trying to kick coffee for years now but could never find an alternative that tasted as good. Replacing my morning coffee with Puerh tea has changed the game for me. I'm hooked!

    Jakob K.

  • I love drinking a dark puerh in the morning to start my day. It has an earthy taste with hints of chocolate which is what I loved about coffee. There's an uplifting energy that leaves me alert, calm and focused.

    Serena P.

  • Puerh is quite the hidden gem! It starts with a robust coffee flavor, but transforms into a mature tea finish. Delicious! A unique blend of the familiar and the surprising. My new favorite part of my morning routine!

    Dan W.

  • Puerh tea is like the cool cousin of coffee with bold and earthy notes that go down smoothly. The fermented taste sets it apart from your usual cuppa in the best way. The energy lift is gentle without the anxiety coffee usually gives me.

    Serena P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passion Meets Purpose

I developed Living Tea through my lifelong immersion in Tea and Tao. As an herbalist, acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I discovered through the tea ceremony a means of sharing the extraordinary depth of Eastern traditions in the West.

Following many years of study and travel throughout Asia, I began sharing tea with others as a form of moving meditation and living art. Thousands of tea ceremonies later, Living Tea continues to share this way, these old-growth trees, and this ancient tradition with you.

As the Steam Rises,
Colin Hudon
Founder, Living Tea


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