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How Jade Rose, mama of a toddler, lives a Life of Tea

How Jade Rose, mama of a toddler, lives a Life of Tea

Jade S. Rose is an artist, mother of Linden, and leader of Living Tea. Today she shares with us how she integrates Tea practice into her busy everyday life.

Every morning we start with a few chants to Quan Yin. The little one loves banging on the little drum on our altar and helping me ring the bells. While he wanders around shouting, singing, playing with the dogs or knocking down towers of blocks I set up the tea cha xi on our high table (no more floor sitting for the mama – not right now, it’s too much work to keep him away.) I let him put his hand in a cup of tea months ago, it wasn’t particularly hot, but, it was
hot enough that he learned “hot hot hot” means do not touch. That’s been particularly helpful. Knives are "hot hot hot" as well as kettles, stoves, and teaware. Still, I sit up high these days and cross my legs on the chair.

I have a little meditation that I do either during the boiling of the water or while Linden is eating breakfast. I make him something quick and easy, frozen blueberries, a scrambled egg, some pickles, some avocado, capers, potatoes from the day before, raspberries, whatever I can put together easily. While he eats, with the dogs sitting beneath his highchair making him giggle in the most delightful way, I meditate. I’m right beside him, at my little tea set up, I can hear him giggling, so I can actually go deep for a few moments.

I used to meditate for an hour a day. These days it’s more like five minutes. But, I love the meditation I do. It’s a meditation to open the heart. I breathe into my heart in a clockwise direction. I start in the center of my chest, breath into the the top and move to the right and then down and around to the left and end back up at the top. One breath for each number on the clock. I can feel my heart opening like the petals of a flower when I do this meditation and a
flood of subtle light suffuses my consciousness. If I have time, I’ll do another round. Then I drink tea. I offer a cup to Quan Yin. And usually I am singing along with Linden between sips. It’s not the silent ritual it once was, but it’s still a ritual and it brings me a great deal of peace, clarity and insight. I’ll often do an I Ching reading in the morning and sneak times through out the day to read more on that hexagram. I let that guide my energy through out the day.

Sometimes nap time means a much longer meditation and those days are magical. But, most days nap time is taken up with tasks that need doing: cleaning, painting, writing, sewing and so on.

We’re often asked what teas are good to drink during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I am not a doctor, and you should always consult your doctor first. These are the teas I drank and am drinking:

During the first trimester I think I phased out almost all tea. Anything caffeinated made me a bit nauseated. However, I started drinking more and more Shou Puerh. I found it soothing, calming and anti-nauseating. I also drank Peaceful Sleep GABA Oolong. If I drank red tea I could feel it affect the little baby in my tummy, so I stopped drinking it all together.

In the second trimester, I found that I could drink a few cups of tea in the morning and then no more. And I stuck to Shou Puerh almost exclusively with occasional light oolongs and no red tea.

In the third trimester, I only drank Shou Puerh and only one or two cups early in the day. I could feel when I’d had enough. Something in my belly would shift subtly and I would say, “nope, no more tea today for me.”

After giving birth I tried to drink a bit of red tea, but it made the little one stay up late and wake up during the night. So, I stuck to Shou Puerh. Even now (he’s 15 months old) I rarely drink red tea. He doesn’t nurse as much anymore. But, I still drink primarily Shou Puerh, Aged Sheng Puerh, and occasionally a bit of Oolong. I do drink Shou Puerh at night now, but I don’t guzzle it.

Our little guy loves to nurse, especially when he’s sleeping. He still nurses four or five times a night and he actually woke up just now after an hour nap to nurse.  So, I really watch what I’m eating and drinking. For the past month (since he was about 14 months old) I’ve been drinking Living Tea’s Immunity and Longevity blend every day. I adore it.

When I’m feeling really run down and sleepy it wakes me up and makes me feel full of energy. It also gives me a sense of peace and calm seeing as the mushrooms and herbs are strongly anti-cancerous.

Here’s my mama recipe:

Combine the following in a coffee mug:

  • 1tbs Living Tea Immunity and Longevity blend.
  • 1 squirt Agave syrup
  • 1 heaping tbs Ghee
  • 1 heaping tbs coconut manna

Pour boiling water over this mixture and stir. I love it. It makes me feel so good.

I’ve been vegetarian since I was twelve, and I was told that adding more fat to my diet would help the little guy to sleep (ghee). It does seem to help. That being said, the two weeks after birth I felt incredibly tired and run down, more than I ever had been before. Colin made me this Chinese Black Chicken recipe where the chicken is rolled in traditional medical Chinese herbs.

That chicken saved my life and rejuvenated me. I don’t eat meat at all now, but I do eat eggs every day and fish occasionally and everyone in the house (including the dogs) love peanut butter.

Lastly, I often stay up at night to meditate. I no longer integrate tea into this practice, because I don’t want to keep the little one up. But, I do love the silence at the end of the day.

With great warmth,
Jade Rose

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