Sapling - Yiwu Mountain Bricks 2000 - 250 grams

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Gaining its appellation from a nice balance of clean woodsy notes and mild mineral sweetness, Sapling is another gem from the most famous tea-soaked mountain in the Pu-erh world. One tea-lover describes it as "a newly built oak cabin built by an old master carpenter."  The flavor and aroma are refined and complex; one can decipher notes of wicker, sap and cedar. The body is nicely structured, full-bodied, light and very smooth. The Qi is strong and steady, but not stimulating.  A notably pure Sheng Puerh from healthy old Yiwu trees. 

We suggest brewing this just shy of a rolling boil with very short initial steepings. It is best brewed gong fu and steeps for many steepings. 



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