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Wisdom of Youth

Big Snow Mountain Sheng Puerh • Lincang, Yunnan 2019
Size2oz Loose

Living Tea is honored to share our first private reserve sheng cake. This tea comes from old-growth trees on Big Snow Mountain (Da Xue Shan, 大雪山) in Lincang, Yunnan. The fresh leaves are so aromatic, you can smell them as soon as you unwrap the label. The liquor is ethereal beyond description both in terms of the deep, expansive Qi and perfect balance of acrid, bitter and sweet flavors. With a height of 3,500m and a prominence of 2,041m, Da Xue Shan is the most prominent peak of the Indo-Malayan Mountain Range of Southeast Asia. Big Snow Mountain is one of the Five Mountains that are the origin of all tea, and it happens to be our favorite because of its expansive breadth. This tea was handpicked and processed in the spring of 2019. It's a rare and limited treasure that we are honored to share with all of you. The original cakes were completely stone-pressed by hand in the traditional way, leaving them looser, which is better for aging. 

Wisdom of Youth


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At Living Tea we practice three brewing methods that suit different occasions and tea experiences. Each method coaxes out certain qualities in these beautiful leaves.

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