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Wholesale Taiwan Order

Regular price $200.00

Living Tea is offering wholesale preorder teas for our December 2015 trip. Discounts are priced at 15%, 20% and 25% depending on the quantity you order.  This discount requires your purchasing this preorder by November 10th. It also requires your trusting our expertise in selecting a well-balanced, hand-selected arrangement of premium teas. The available teas are listed below and the minimum preorder amount is $200 USD. At $200, the discount is 15%, at $350 the discount is 20%, and at $500 or above the discount is 25%. Email livingteas@gmail.com if you wish for your order be more focuses on one category of tea (ie. Shou Puerh, Aged Tea). 

Available Teas: Green, Oolong, Red, Shou Puerh, Sheng Puerh, Aged Puerh/ Oolong. 

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