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Waste Water Bowl (Jian Shui) - Shoreline

StyleShoreline - Light
Purity is an essential part of the Way of Tea, and is integral to the practice of tea ceremony. Use this artful waste water bowl (jian shui) to collect the water used to rinse and shower teaware. Handmade by Chicago artist Anne E. Terpstra, this bowl is generously sized to cleanly and easily collect the water poured off of tea bowls. Shoreline features the meeting place of Water and Earth, in two different shades.

Please note: the last photo of the bowl in use is provided to give a sense of scale on the tea table. This product is listing is for the Shoreline style, as pictured.

Measures approximately 7.5" wide by 2.75" tall. As each bowl is handmade, please expect some wabi-sabi variation in the piece you receive.

Waste Water Bowl (Jian Shui) - Shoreline


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