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Village Keep- With Lao Huang Pian Leaves ( 老黄片 ) Late 90's Shou Puerh - 2.5 oz

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With a bold, complex flavor of dried herbs, mild fruit, peat, earthy undergrowth and sandlewood, this ebullient Shou Puerh has aged nicely. Long in the mouth with a bittersweet balance and pleasant astringency on the sides of the tongue. The body is round and mouthfilling, clear and clean like fresh spring water. The Qi is strong and bright, clarifying and opening. This is a tea for opening the senses and moving stuck energy, sharpening focus and gaining perspective. It leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and ready alertness. 

The name Village Keep comes from the origin of Huang Pian teas, which villages in Yunnan would keep for their own consumption during Imperial times due to minor imperfections in leaf shape or color. Despite flaws in the leaves, the teas age beautifully and produce aged Puerhs that would otherwise go for very high prices.

We suggest brewing less leaves and shorter initial steepings. This tea brews for a long time; the big, loose leaves open slowly.  

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