Tea Mind, Tea Heart: A Journey Through the Dao of Tea

Tea Mind, Tea Heart: A Journey Through the Dao of Tea

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Tea Mind, Tea Heart is a journey into the world of Chinese tea - tea as meditation, as a way to commune with nature, and as a journey into our deepest self. Tea Mind is about living a life of "free and easy wandering." It is engaging and savoring each moment in our lives. Tea Heart can be a pathway back to Source, back to the beginningless beginning, what the ancients called Dao.

Drawing on his thirty years of studying Daoist philosophy and practice - including qigong, Daoist meditation and of course, the Way of Tea, Solala weaves a magical web of stories, poems and essays, taking the reader on a journey of deep exploration and inner illumination. 

Solala teaches qigong and tea ceremony at workshops and conferences around the U.S. and leads tours to China to explore qigong, tea ceremony and Daoist meditation in the sacred mountains of Daoism.

"If you approach your life like you are pouring a pot of delicious and rare tea and you are sharing that with others, your life will be full of sweetness and delight."

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