Pan's Foot Personal Stoneware Clay and Weathered Wood Sidehandle Pot

Regular price $240.00

Master-crafted with local Taiwanese clay. The high mineral content of the clay softens and smooths water during brewing, and the clay resists impact by seasoning so that you can use it for many different kinds of tea. Each pot is unique, recalling an array of rock surfaces, shimmering geode dimensionality and earthen depth. With whorled wood grain handles appearing like bamboo or gnarled tree roots, each pot contains manifold unique characteristics. The pots are woodfired in a kiln with local wood that falls as a cloud of ash over the pottery and melts unevenly. This process gives the unexpected and stunning variation on the surfaces of the pottery.  Each pot demonstrates a love of Nature and Tea, thus making them the ideal pots for Living Tea.

The size of this pot is ideal for two to three people in a tea ceremony. One can do double-steepings for larger groups than three. It is also perfectly suitable as a personal pot for one person by only filling the bottom of the pot. Exact size available upon request. 

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