Sand Dune - Glazed Interior Sidehandle Teapot - 250ml

Sand Dune - Glazed Interior Sidehandle Teapot - 250ml

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Living Tea is overjoyed to share this beautiful pot with you, it is the work of our friend, a local ceramicist and tea lover residing in Olympia, Washington. In the artist's own words, "this teapot series continues to evolve, directed and influenced by natures effortless beauty and wisdom. The endless possibilities of shape, texture, color, are my greatest teachers. During the creative process, I have a very clear intention to explore and walk the line where art meets functionality. Ultimately, I want the people who hold my work in their hands to see these teapots as another combination of elements and materials that nature put together. My hands are tools receiving nature's instructions." Living Tea shares this philosophy of relating to tea as a means of working within and learning the principles of nature. These principles guide our lives through balance, insight, harmony, reverence, and clarity. And, of course, these pots make a fine cup of tea.

Ideal for 2-4 people. Glazed interior. Unglazed exterior.

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