Reverie - Ma Wei Mountain Ripe Puerh 2020 - 2.5 oz

Reverie - Ma Wei Mountain Ripe Puerh 2020 - 2.5 oz

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This beautiful shou puerh comes from a eco-organic tea plantation in the area around Puer city. The thick, silky body carries flavors of pie-crust, almonds, mild vanilla spice, thick cream and dark chocolate.  Reverie could convert the most ardent coffee and porter-lover into a tea drinker. The energy is steady, moving throughout the body, calming the mind and leaving the drinker feeling contended and relaxed. The leaves are relatively small (grade three) and packed with flavor for many steepings. The varietal is pure assamica with the trees growing at an altitute of 1300-1400 meters and the wet-piling lasting for 45 days without any lingering mustiness. Everybody we've shared this tea with remarks on what a wonderfully drinkable and satisfying brew it provides. 

Simao District is the seat of Pu'er Prefecture. Formerly both Simao and the surrounding region of Pu'er prefecture played a major role in the historic tea horse trade between Yunnan, Tibet and India, with Simao acting as the southern terminus or starting point for the transport of tea by mule caravan north to Dali, Lijiang and Lhasa. 

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