Return to the Center - Xiaguan Tuocha 2010 - 3.5 oz

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With a dark cherry-mahogany liquor and aromas of a stone cave, this Shou Puerh has aged nicely with a pleasant coating that lingers between steepings. Flavors of lightly cooked caramel and cream give rise to a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The smooth, oily body goes down easily. The Qi is centering and calming, trademarks of a good, clean Shou.

The leaves come from the Menghai area of Yunnan, with evidence of deep fermentation, yielding a well-balanced tea.  Xiaguan Factory, located in Menghai county of Xishuangbanna prefecture, was one of the first large factories to develop their trademark Wodui technique, or the wet piling fermentation of raw maocha. Wodui manages the dampness and heat of the leaves to increase oxidation of polyphenol substances, catechins, which decreases the bitterness and astringency of the tea, diminishes grassy aromas and helps to develop the unique aroma and taste we love in Ripe Puerh. Return to Center is a wonderful example of the masterful technique and recipes developed by Xiaguan Factory over the years. 

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