Adrenal and Youthfulness Remedy - Rehmannia Tincture- Shu Di Huang

Adrenal and Youthfulness Remedy - Rehmannia Tincture- Shu Di Huang

Used to nourish the blood, yin and essence in traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehmannia Root is a potent tonifying herb used most commonly to support the kidneys and restore the adrenals, treat anemia and muscular weakness, premature aging, diminished mental acuity, greying hair, impotence and memory loss. 

Rehmannia contains the vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as other compounds, such as catalpol, an iridoid glycoside, that has been shown to exert protective effects on dopaminergic neurons in aged rats to help inhibit microglial activation, thereby reducing the production of pro-inflammatory factors. Inflammation is the most significant contributor to aging. 

Sometimes known as Chinese Foxglove due to its superficial resemblance to the genus Digitalis, the species of Rehmannia are perennial herbs. The plants have large flowers and are grown as ornamental garden plants in Europe and North America, while being used primarily for medicinal uses in Asia. 

The wizard behind the tinctures: "Inside my small laboratory, I make organic small batch herbal tinctures in accordance to the laws of the moon. I have refined my process to a six week period of intention and focus. I use laboratory glassware for extraction, a crystallization technique for higher purity and an incubation period for evolution and potency. 

Consciousness exists throughout the body. By taking in tinctures over time, the refined and harmonized biomass has become part of me and in turn, I have become more refined and harmonized. I focus myself into these small batches and experience my greatest joy sharing the health and cultivation inside each bottle."

Dake Lindelef, Founder, Invisible Forest Medicine

1 Dose:  20 Drops in water or under the tongue                                                 

Approximately 60 Doses

Ingredients: Organic Rehmannia Root; Organic Alcohol

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