Rainforest - Old-growth De Hong Sheng Puerh Brick 2015 - 250 grams

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Rainforest comes from wild, old-growth tea trees in the De Hong Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan, harvested in the spring of 2015, and meticulously processed by aboriginal hands. These wild trees have dark purple buds due to natural mutation. They are higher in antioxidants and catechins than other varietals of tea, making Rainforest a true "Longevity Shen Tonic." The tea has a strong musky aroma, with the fruity overtones that De Hong Tea is famous for. This tea comes from the same kind of trees as our beloved Purple-Red Tea, with many of the same flavors, though less delicate. This tea is strong, vibrant and full-bodied.

De Hong is still a minor producer compared to the three big tea-producing areas of Yunnan: Puerh, Lincang and Xishuangbanna. But this means that the tea gardens and forests of De Hong are also often cleaner and more pristine. Red tea production in De Hong has increased lately, yet it remains a remote, aboriginal region, near the border of Myanmar.

Rainforest is the perfect chance to connect with the older, deeper and non-linear aspects of Tea. In this day and age, many of us have lost our connections to the Sacred—in ourselves, our friends and even Nature. We no longer connect very deeply, not even with our own families. Tea like this is good medicine for that.

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