Osha Root Tincture - Elk Mountain - 1oz, 2oz

Osha Root Tincture - Elk Mountain - 1oz, 2oz

Locally harvested "Rocky Mountain Ginseng," Osha root has a long history as a powerful herbal medicinal. The benefits include increased energy, stamina and immunity. At the first sign of a cold, we always take two droppers of Osha, and find this practice extremely effective in preventing the pathogen from moving deeper into the body. Antiviral and antibacterial, Osha Root also serves as a digestive stimulant. It reduces bronchial inflammation from lung infections and coughs, breaks up phlegm (especially in the lungs), relieves allergy symptoms, and supports recovery after an illness.

Osha Root Tincture Ingredients: Fresh osha root (Ligusticum Porteri), 85-95% abv local organic spirits, and Austin Family Farm raw, unfiltered honey. 

Osha root, ligusticum porteri, also known as bear medicine, grows in mountains above 9,000 feet. The root is sacred to the Native Americans who used it for ceremonial purposes and to treat many health ailments. The bears dig it up and consume the root after hibernation to stimulate digestion and for energy. Native runners chew on the root to open up the lungs and increase stamina. 

The plant leaves can be mistaken for poisonous hemlock, but the osha root has a very distinct "spicy celery" smell and is identified by this smell and its brown, hairy roots. 

As an effective cold and flu remedy, it is best taken when the first symptoms are noticed: Three droppers full, three times a day, upon notice of symptoms. We love this tincture in tea. Just heat up some hot water and put a dropper full in the tea. It will turn the tea milky which is normal and evaporate some of the alcohol.

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