Old Master - Dong Ding Oolong - Nantou, Taiwan 1.5 oz

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Old Master is nicely balanced, sweet and tart in the first two steepings with a powdery, slightly astringent kougan. Notes of plumb, dry dates, roasted almonds and lily rise from a smooth and bright body. The masterful heavy roast is especially apparent during the first three steepings. Our favorite steepings were the third, sixth and seventh because the tartness falls off, giving rise to a mineral sweetness and full body that seems more essential to this tea. This of course is determined by the style of brewing, water temperature and steep times.  The Qi is warming and centering. 

We suggest brewing gongfu with small cups to emphasize the layers of the tea and water around 195 F. The first three steepings should be only a couple seconds. 

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