Quiet Before the Dawn - Liu Bao Black Tea 2015 - 2 oz

Quiet Before the Dawn - Liu Bao Black Tea 2015 - 2 oz

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Russet brown liquor with golden edges, accentuating a balanced brew of freshly fallen leaves, old healthy wood, wet stone and vegetal notes. We find this tea evokes a sense of nostalgia, drawing one back to a time before the modern age. We love the settling Qi, a common quality of good Liu Bao, and the magic imbued through the fermentation process. Quiet Before the Dawn  comes from South Central Guangxi, China near Vietnam. 

Liu Bao is fermented and dried in a long delicate process in preparation for further ageing. During the tin-mining boom of the 19th Century, enormous quantities of Liu Bao along with other teas were imported into Malaya as a customary beverage for the colonies of hard working Chinese migrants who worked the mines. After the collapse of tin prices in the 1980s, mining declined and the huge stockpiles of Liu Bao were left in storage for decades or sold cheaply for consumption by the local Chinese population. Just as the miners appreciated the energetically cooling effect of Liu Bao in the hot mines, we enjoy this dark tea on warmer days.  

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