Mountain Rain - Lincang Mountain Red Tea 2015- 2 oz.

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The Da Hu Sai village teas are strong, thick and ample, yet maintain a more Yin energy. The balanced astringency and bitterness of the liquor quickly transforms into a richly sweet aftertaste. Such a flavor profile is often considered the ideal in young puerh (like its older Lincang Mtn. sister, “Mountain Wind,”) both for drinking now and for aging. This red tea is only partially oxidized and full of brisk Yin energy that borders on Yang Qi; a raincloud about to burst, a woman late in her pregnancy, or the wilderness just before the dawn. The energy is uplifting, cooling and at the stage between yin and yang. One of the best Yunnan Red Teas we've ever had.

Mountain Rain is from the village of Da Hu Sai in Lincang. The trees are chemical-free, grown naturally in forest gardens with very little human intervention, which means that the tea is vibrant and healthy "Living Tea". The Lincang region is the northernmost of the three major tea areas in Yunnan. It is also the birthplace of all tea. The forests in this region have the oldest trees, and deepest roots in Cha Dao. This tea was harvested in the spring of 2015.

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