Moonlight White (月光白茶) - Daqing Village, Jinggu, Yunnan 2016 - 2 oz.

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With a stunning succession of notes, Moonlight White opens like a flower with sips that transform from fruit, melon, slight cherry and honey to deep, rich, floral flavors. Somewhere between a red and white tea, yet processed in cakes like most Yunnanese Puerh, Moonlight White refuses to fit neatly into any category. The processing is simple and minimal like most white tea by way of picking, withering and drying. Though, this particular tea is richer in flavor than most white tea because it comes from old-growth, large leaf trees and consequently requires longer withering and drying than Silver Needle (only bud) or Bai Mu Dan.  The large leaves, old trees, high altitude (1600 M) and unique processing impart a strong earthy complexity, while still maintaining the delicate celestial nature of other white teas. For this reason, we are giving it a home under Sheng Puerh. We particularly enjoy Moonlight White in the Spring or early Summer as it maintains a gently uplifting Qi, fresh briskness, refreshing depth and hydrating quality in the burgeoning seasonal heat. 


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