Moksha Chocolate Bar - Variety of Flavors

Moksha Chocolate Bar - Variety of Flavors

Moksha Chocolate is an organic bean-to-bar artisan chocolate company made with locally sourced Peruvian cacao and founded in Boulder, Colorado. We've chosen to share this chocolate because, well, they're insanely delicious without any nonsense additives. The Shanao Cacao Collective is a non-profit dedicated to improving the farming conditions, conservation efforts, and supply chain in the Alto Mayo Valley in Peru, from where they source Moksha’s Criollo cacao. They go even further as far as pressing their own cacao butter, which results in incredibly smooth, deeply-flavored treats. As a result, their white chocolate, made entirely from cacao butter, is a marvel, as is his silky vegan pink milk chocolate, which uses coconut milk powder in place of dairy milk. 72% Criollo Dark Chocolate

INGREDIENTS: Cacao bean, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, (depending on flavor: cacao nibs, sea salt, roasted coconut, freeze dried cherries, or freeze dried blueberries)

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