Iron Goddess of Four Seasons - Traditional Roast Si Ji Chun 2 oz

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Thick, buttery and full bodied with floral, roasty, nutty flavors and soft, woodsy aroma. The traditional roasting (Iron Goddess Method) brings out a rich depth in this exquisite tea that is less common for Four Seasons Oolong, while maintaining a bright, clean and delicate brew. MOA certified organic, Spring-Pluck 2016, and "Tie Guan Yin Style," this Four Seasons Oolong (Si Ji Chun) comes from mid-elevation Nantou, Taiwan. The tightly rolled brown leaves open slowly, yielded many steepings that transform from woodsy notes to more floral sweetness in later steepings. 

We suggest brewing between 195 and 205F. The caffeine is light.  


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