Masterpiece Handthrown "Purion" Tea Bowl

Masterpiece Handthrown "Purion" Tea Bowl

Beautiful hand thrown tea bowl made by our friend and master potter Petr Novak. Each of the bowls carried by Living Tea is unique though intended to fit as a set. The lip of the bowl has a gentle tulip flare that fits comfortably on the lip. The bowls are clearly thrown by a tea-lover, aesthetically and functionally perfect for tea. There is some variation in clay color so please expect some wabi-sabi in matching bowls exactly. 

Blending traditional and experimental pottery cast in wood-fired kilns, this exquisite bowl by our friend Petr Novak weds the rustic aesthetic of wabi style with traditional European techniques. Using stoneware, porcelain and hand-mixed glazes, these one-of-a-kind bowls are inspired by tea and tea ceremony. Petr seeks to balance aesthetic beauty with highly functional wares, thus his bowls and pots are designed to enhance the tea while maintaining the rusticity often sought-after in teaware. 

In his own words, "My relationship to the tea culture began long before my first clay work had seen the light of day. So I naturally came to ceramics with a focus on the ceramics used in the tea ceremony. Good pottery is as essential to the tea as much as the pure water and good company."

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