Luthier's Diary - Ximu Mountain Shou Puerh 2015 - 1.5 oz.

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A dark burnt umber brew with aromas of maplewood and syrup, this elegant ripe Puerh is well-balanced, sumptuous and deep. Though refined for a shou puerh, a comfortable quality comes through flavors of pie crust and chestnut puree. The tea brews for many steepings leaving a satiated, wet quality in the mouth. 

The constancy of temperature year-round in Lincang Prefecture likely yields the constancy and steadiness of this tea as it releases patiently over many steepings. The area is also known for walnut production, which may impart some influence on the flavors of Luthier's Diary. Finally, this area has been producing tea for over 500 years, which allows for a high-degree of refinement in their methodology. This refinement comes through in the subtlety of this impeccably processed treasure. 

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