Introduction to Living Tea (3 teas)

Introduction to Living Tea (3 teas)

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We chose three of our bestselling teas for this collection, perfect for the absolute tea beginner to the most seasoned enthusiast.

What makes a living tea?
  • seed propagation, rather than trees from grafted clippings with shallow roots
  • plenty of room for trees to grow, instead of tight rows on tea plantations
  • biodiverse growing regions, instead of clear-cut mountainsides or valleys
  • growing practices that avoid all chemicals including pesticides, chemical weed-killers, fertilizers, and irrigation
  • living wages for all employees

This collection includes 2oz. each of:

  • Panacea - a rich, malty red tea
  • Golden Daylily - a creamy, roasted Taiwanese "Milk Oolong"
  • Emerald Isle - smooth and invigorating green tea with jasmine

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