Replica Qing Dynasty "Genie" Zisha Pot - 100 ml.

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Beautiful 20 year old Hongni (Red) Zisha clay pot from Yixing, China based on the original model from the Qing Dynasty (1825). This handmade "genie" is superior to all other types of clay for brewing tea. In the words of one tea master, "for fine tea, there is Zisha and no second." The special zisha clay (containing iron, quartz and mica, and found only in Yixing) absorbs the delicate flavors of the tea and the teapot becomes more seasoned with each use. 

The clay is very good quality Hongni. You will notice with good, masterfully crafted Zisha that it softens the water, pours with great control and accuracy, maintains heat and appears aesthetically beautiful. The pots are half-handmade - using a press mould for the body, with the spout and handle being made by hand and added to the pressed body. Ideal for Puerh, Oolong and/or Yencha tea. We suggest using this pot for one class of tea as the clay is porous and will absorb the tea used. 

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