High-Mountain Snow Chrysanthemum Flower - 1.5 oz.

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Incredibly flavorful with a nice balance of sweetness and pungency, one can discern sweet flowers, cream and aromatic herbs in this heavenly high-altitude nectar. Known as Ju Hua in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these bright flowers are wonderful on their own as a tisane or combined with Shou or Sheng Puerh. In particular, Ju Hua is best with musty, grounding or more sedative teas because it functions as a cooling diaphoretic, opening the tea and moving it upwards towards the surface of the body. The cooling aspect of the tea will balance a heating tea (ie. Aged Puerh/ certain Ripe Puerh), while the lifting aspect will balance a grounding tea. In Traditional Taoist Medicine, Ju Hua is used to treat emotional stagnation, dizziness, high blood pressure, fever, headaches, red dry eyes, and red painful skin conditions (topical and internal). The flowers are detoxifying, antiaging, antibacterial, antihypertensive and vasodilating. A beautiful addition to your collection of teas and medicinal herbs.

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