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Handthrown Stoneware Tea Jar - Calligrapher

StyleCha / Tea 1
This stoneware tea jar is handmade in Chicago by ceramicist Anne Terpstra. A sturdy stoneware with glazed interior and exterior, this jar is ideal for storing puerhs and other teas for aging. The lid is heavy and well-fitted enough to protect from environmental dust, yet it is not threaded and the jar is not airtight, allowing the tea leaves to "breathe" and evolve over time.

The Calligrapher series features artistic interpretations of three Chinese characters:
  • 茶 cha: tea 
  • 秋 qiu tian: autumn, two characters meaning literally "grain" and "fire"
The lines are taped on the dry clay body before it is dipped in glaze, creating a crisp edge evocative of the cutting aspect of the Metal element. This striking linework is attractive from any angle, and the neutral white tone is appropriate for any season and cha xi.

See photos for measurements. While these jars are intended for dry storage, the liquid capacity of the interior is approx 500 mL, for reference. Choose your jar using the dropdown menu.

Handthrown Stoneware Tea Jar - Calligrapher


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