Masterpiece Hand-thrown Tea Jar - 8cm H x 13cm W

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Hand-made, organic clay tea caddy for storing storing dark or more oxidized teas that will age better with slight exposure to air. This is a wonderful jar for storing and aging a moderate amount of your favorite tea.

Blending traditional and experimental pottery cast in wood-fired kilns, this exquisite jar by our friend Miroslava Randova weds the rustic aesthetic of wabi style with traditional European techniques. Using stoneware, porcelain and hand-mixed glazes, this unique jar is inspired by tea and tea ceremony. Mirka seeks to balance aesthetic beauty with highly functional wares, thus his wares are designed to enhance the tea while maintaining the rusticity often sought-after in teaware. 

In her own words, "Making things by hand brings persistent joy in my life- working with the shape, thickness and depth; exploring the relationship between the edges and curved spaces they define; deriving inspiration from hidden worlds (water, universe, trees, stones...), which spark my curiosity and imagination. My work does not start on the white-board, it evolves from the previous form, followed by experiments with clay types, stripping the decorations from the unnecessary fragments, choosing surface and glazes suitable for its needs. With time, I realized that I do not want to be limited by choice of one technique, so now I decide on the technique best fitted for each work, carefully weighing function and aesthetic benefits. Somehow still, the majority of my ideas call for wood-firing, not only for the choice of clay, temperature or color palate it offers, but also for the depth of glazes and effects on the the surface. I design my work with the idea that it comes fully alive by use, that it becomes part of someone's daily or occasional rituals."

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