Jezebel - Guei Fei Concubine Oolong 2 oz.

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One can decipher fleur d'oranger, honey, lychee and slight vanilla in the flavor. The floral aroma persists in the mouth long after each infusion. A sister to Oriental Beauty, this "Concubine" Oolong has a balanced bouquet of floral and fruity notes.  The color is a beautiful, clear honey amber. 

Gui Fei Cha ("concubine tea") is an uncommon oolong from Taiwan due to its unique method of production.  Tea-green leaf hopper bugs nibble on the edges of the leaves in the Spring, which stimulates the plant's natural defense (phytochemicals). The nibbling of the leaves also stimulates the enzymatic activity of the leaf, which changes the flavor of the leaf and unexpectedly yields a distinctive floral, honey-like aroma and taste. 

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