Barn Owl - Guangzhou Loose Shou 2005 - 2 oz.

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A dark hickory brew that conjures images of idyllic rolling hills, big skies and country living. The robust body of Barn Owl offers flavors and aromas of straw, damp soil, oak, kelp and umami. A sublime tea for those who love a musty, earthy Shou Puerh. The ten years of aging have harmonized the flavor, texture, aroma and Qi into a well-balanced succession from cup to cup.  The body is smooth, but not particularly oily, leaving a long, mildly dry aftertaste. Awake, yet relaxed, the Qi is noticeable, but not too strong, making this tea good for any time of day or early evening. 

Barn Owl fits nicely between Greg's Galactivation Serum and Inner Circle, two of our more popular Shou Puerh. 

We suggest brewing this tea around 205 F/ 96 C using a sidehandle pot and bowls. An ideal Winter tea- slightly warming, grounding, relaxing and satisfying in large gulps. 

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