Golden Teacher - Way of the Rope Practice

Golden Teacher - Way of the Rope Practice

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Led by Tim Shieff, The Way of the Rope is a modern method of gentle yet powerful moving meditation consisting of "rolling" the rope in various patterns around the body.

The rope contains within it the foundational patterns of ALL athletic human movements: running, hitting, throwing, punching, swimming, jumping. Roll the rope and you get the chance to accumulate hundreds and thousands of repetitions of these patterns in a very short space of time, making them smoother and more efficient with each revolution. Without trying it can make even the least co-ordinated among us move with more grace.

According to Tim Shieff and our own experience, the rope assists with building:

  • Co-ordination
  • Timing
  • Mobility
  • Core strength
  • Spine health
  • Joint health
  • Rhythm
  • Digestion
  • Brain balance
  • Relaxed mind

Intensity can be modulated for rolling the rope to serve as a warm-up, a complete workout, a cool down, or a moving meditation.

Golden Teacher is a minimal, high-quality, double-braided rope with natural golden tan color, a perfect tool to begin learning the Way of the Rope.

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