Golden Light - Lincang Fengqing Wild Sheng Puerh 2003 - 2 oz

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Capturing the transition from Summer to Autumn, Golden Light is a shining example of mid-aged Puerh. The beautiful mandarin liquor gives rise to flavors of sweet grass sap, fresh straw, and slightly dry herbs. The body maintains a gentle tannic astringency and structure throughout many steepings. The Qi is bright and clear bringing about a joyful, light sense of wellbeing. Some notable characteristics are the complexity of taste and smell, the patience, and the large, healthy, supple leaves.  You'd be hard pressed to find a finer example of Sheng Puerh at this age. 

Located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, Lincang is so called because it sits along the Lancang River. Fengqing County lies in the northwestern part of the Lincang area, near the border of Burma. Lincang lies at the bottom of the Hengduan Mountains and Nushan Mountain in western Yunnan. The terrain here slopes from southeast to southwest. There are many rivers which pass through or spring from this region, traversing across the mountains and canyons that outline the landscape. This dramatic environment, along with the subtropical climate, provide ideal conditions for old-growth tea trees. All thirteen townships within the county contain wild ancient tea trees. This county contains one of the largest collections of ancient tea trees in China. With 88% of the local households involved in tea production, Fengqing is one of the largest tea-producing counties in China.               

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