Ginseng Flowers - San Qi Hua - 2 oz.

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Sweet, mildly pungent, cooling, enlivening and nourishing, these stunning flowers are wonderful on their own or added to Puerh and Black Tea. Medicinally, the flowers nourish and generate body fluids for seasonal or constitutional dryness, as well as inflammation. They are remedial herbs in issues of sore throat, hypertension, hoarseness, and thirst. With heavily oxidized teas, which act more as diuretics, these flowers help nourish the body fluids and prevent the experience of thirst that can follow a long tea session.

Further, San Qi flowers help to nourish the heart and blood, calm the mind, and relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. For people with dizziness and ear-ringing due to high blood pressure, regular consumption of San Qi flower bud is beneficial. It also helps to lower blood cholesterol, promote blood circulation, and control weight. 

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