Gateway of Spirit Wild Tree Purple Tea Cakes 2021 - Dehong, Yunnan China 240 g.

Gateway of Spirit Wild Tree Purple Tea Cakes 2021 - Dehong, Yunnan China 240 g.

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This unique purple bud, old-growth, wild Red Tea captures the flavor and aroma of the anomalous purple buds that grow in response to the environment and light exposure. Gateway of Spirit erupts in a bouquet of fruit and flowers that expands through many steeping, while maintaining the substantial rich liquor of a red tea. This one-of-a-kind tea is one of our most "requested" teas. The uplifting, euphoric Qi has gained the nickname "dreamtime tea".

Anthocyanin is a type of flavonoid, thought to provide health benefits in part through its antioxidant effects. This bioactive compound shows big promise in recent studies, offering strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities, as well as the potential to suppress human cancer cells, improve eyesight, and protect against liver injuries and dementia. This potent flavonoid is found in abundance in purple tea. 

We suggest brewing this tea at 200-210 F, while pouring off the first flash steeping. Subsequent steeping can start at two seconds, adding two seconds with every subsequent steeping. Leaves should just cover the bottom of the brewing vessel or teapot in terms of leaf amount. We particularly love brewing this tea strong with longer steepings. Experiment to find what you love most. Also, this tea is less stimulating than many other red teas, so it can be enjoyed any time of day. 

"Gateway of Spirit: This tea has truly changed my life. The sweetness and magical quality of this incredible tea elevates and transports to higher consciousness. Each steeping yields a new chapter. It can be enjoyed for hours. I particularly enjoy sitting with this tea in a group. It brings harmony. I cannot express in words what having access to such high quality tea medicine means to me. Thank you for your service and community."


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