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Garnet - Handthrown Tea Bowl


"My artwork is driven by my curiosity about the rhythms of the natural world and the intersections of landscape and the home. Motion in the landscape—weather, light, shadow, fauna—feeds my desire to create and inspires the organic shapes in my art. I am drawn to clay’s malleability and craft functional forms that people can integrate into their daily routines and rituals." - Alex Olson, ceramicist

These bowls from our dear friend and tea lover Alex Olson are a delight both to see and to hold. Neutral earth tones pair beautifully with any season or cha xi, making these a timeless addition to your teaware collection. As these bowls are handmade, please expect slight variation in each piece. 

Measurements: 4.5" wide by 2.5" tall. Approximately 250mL capacity to the brim.

Product detail photos by Alex Olson. Learn more about Alex's work at

Garnet - Handthrown Tea Bowl


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