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Forest Floor

Wild Tree Sheng Puerh Blend • Yiwu Region 1990's

Full flavors of peat, moss, and sweet soil. Deep forest interior after the rain. Velvety, ample, body that lingers in the mouth through many steepings. Rich burgundy crimson liquor. This remarkable aged Puerh brings one to the forest floor and clears the mind. The Qi is calming, soothing, meditative, and deep. A tea for settling into the Now and getting lost.



All Puerh tea comes from Yunnan Province, a remarkable place in the Southwest of China. It is home to 25% of all species, plant and animal, in all of China. Mystic and vibrant, Yunnan is blossoming with life, rain, aroma and growth. It is the birthplace of all tea and home to more varieties of tea trees than anywhere else on earth. Yunnan is a series of stepped plateaus, the westernmost of which neighbors Tibet.

Forest Floor


Brewing Methods

At Living Tea we practice three brewing methods that suit different occasions and tea experiences. Each method coaxes out certain qualities in these beautiful leaves.

The Life of our Teas

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