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First Light

Ai Lao High Mountain Red Tea • Yunnan, China 2017

With a nice balance of syrupy plum depth and bright, ethereal light, this high mountain red tea is a welcome addition to the Living Tea collection. One tea lover noted, this tea feels like the first snow of winter. We appreciate how many steepings we get out of it, ideal for long tea sessions. Ai Lao is a remote area of Yunnan, China, the birthplace of all tea. The high altitude of this tea garden 1800-2100 meters, imparts clarity and honey sweetness in the brew that is common to Ai Lao Mountain teas. Lack of roads and access has kept the environment of this area in good condition. The local Ku Chuong tribe, who hand-pick many of the teas, believe that in drinking Ai Lao teas, your heart sees clearly and you will develop the ability to always see the right path. This tea is best brewed with near boiling water and very short initial steepings.

First Light


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At Living Tea we practice three brewing methods that suit different occasions and tea experiences. Each method coaxes out certain qualities in these beautiful leaves.

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