Exploring the Five Elements: The Way of Tea and Qi Gong Intensive Retreat

Exploring the Five Elements: The Way of Tea and Qi Gong Intensive Retreat

Dates: August 22nd - August 27th 2021

Location: Telluride, Colorado (Based out of Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery) 

Food: Lunch and Dinner Provided Daily based on Five-element Seasonal Cooking, Food as Medicine, Discussion on local harvesting, sustainability and herbalism 

Lodging: Victorian Inn Check in 22nd- Check out 28th

Summary of Retreat:

We will be exploring the five elements as a path of self-cultivation, collective cultivation and healing. Drawing from the Taoist tradition, this exploration will be facilitated by a deep dive into the Way of Tea, meditation, food, qi-gong, council discussions, and connecting with the elements in ourselves and Nature. Each morning will include guided meditation, tea ceremony, trekking to extraordinary locations in nature for Qi Gong practice and lunch. The afternoon will include free time to explore the astounding natural beauty of the Telluride valley including local hot springs, water falls, caves, hiking and mountain biking. In the late afternoon and evening, we will explore practical and philosophical instruction in the Way of Tea, tea brewing methods, further exploration of the daily element, a second practice of 8 Treasures Qi Gong, evening meditation, communal dinner and evening council meetings around a fire or under the moonlight with the full moon on our opening night. Retreatants can expect to walk away with foundational mindfulness and wellness practices that will enrich and empower their lives, and provide for an essential foundation in the Way of Tea, Qi Gong and Taoist Practice.

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