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Speckled Charcoal Dragon Brazier

StyleBrazier Only

This beautiful brazier has been custom designed for maintaining heat with either charcoal or glass alcohol lamp. We worked together with friends in Taiwan to develop braziers that were functionally flawless, aesthetically beautiful, sturdy yet refined, versatile and steady. These braziers are representative of the wares that Living Tea seeks out with clay that is a blend of sturdy stonewares to maintain heat. You can alter the temperature of the flame produced by the denatured alcohol lamp by raising or lowering the wick. The brazier top can be removed, allowing you to swap out a charcoal basket for special tea sessions.

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  • Brazier + Alcohol Lamp ($179 value)
  • Brazier + Alcohol Lamp + Charcoal Basket ($229 value)
  • Brazier Only

Speckled Charcoal Dragon Brazier


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