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Deep Earth - Unglazed Sidehandle Teapot - multiple sizes

StyleDeep Earth 1 - 365 mL
These sidehandle teapots are the work of Montana-based ceramicist Cooper Jeppesen. The earth-tone clay pairs well with all seasons and cha xi. As these pots are unglazed, the clay will absorb tea oils and flavors over time. We recommend dedicating these pots to a single type of tea so the flavors don't get "confused." These shorter, wider profiles work particularly well with large-leaf and rolled teas (such as balled oolongs) that need space to unfurl over many steepings. 

Multiple pots available. Use the drop-down menu to choose yours. As a general guideline, we recommend choosing your pot size based on the number of bowls you plan to serve, pouring approximately 100 mL per bowl.

Deep Earth - Unglazed Sidehandle Teapot - multiple sizes


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