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Dan Cong

Oolong • Phoenix Mountain 2019

Roasted nectarine, white flowers and dried fruit, this hand-processed Dan Cong is full-flavored and richly satisfying. The noticeable roast is well-balanced by the floral fruitiness.  Hand-processed Dan Cong is rare and very special, as most the tea from Fenghuang shan (Phoenix mountains) are processed mostly by machine.We visited this area during April 2019, and had the great blessing of spending time in the old-growth forests at the top of the mountain. The stark contrast between the wild trees and the tiered plantations that make up most of the surrounding mountains was quite stark. the The wild trees in the area are much older and grown with the proper distance between them, so their roots have room to breathe, growing deep and wide to absorb all the nutrients. For those of you who love the fruity floral qualities of our beloved Gateway of Spirit Purple tea, Dan Cong will make an excellent addition to your collection.

We suggest brewing this tea around 190F, with very short initial steepings. When brewed, the tea produces a very bright, lustrous and clear liquor, in yellowish orange color. Enjoy!

Dan Cong


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