Cultured Organic Cordyceps Mushroom - Dong Chong Xia Cao 1 lb.

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Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the ultimate herbs in the world, the "perfect" Jing tonic, proven to increase vitality, alertness, virility, libido and respiratory function. Cordyceps is now favored by Olympic athletes and training enthusiasts to improve physical performance and endurance.This adaptogenic, immune-boosting herb is known to enhance the body's production of macrophages (important white blood cells of the immune system that fight an infection or remove accumulating damaged or dead cells), and also reduce tumors. The price of the herb rose exponentially on the international market when the herb was found to be an excellent anecdote to and preventative of SARS. We have found a local, potent source for this powerful herb. It is especially useful in building lung immunity, which is our first defense against environmental toxins and exogenous disease factors. 

Recommended dose is 1 Tsp. once or twice daily. Especially useful during the late Summer and Fall months when the lungs are particularly susceptible, but also good for regular use throughout the year. 

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